About Us



At, our mission is to facilitate a highly productive environment for job creators and job seekers. Our platform provides a virtual in-person interaction between the job applicant and the employer after the first level screening and counseling of the applicant. We have deployed the latest technology that meets current demands and scales well into the future. With a niche technology and 70 years of diversified experience at the forefront of job market has enabled us to build a technology platform that would help several stake holders in a typical job hunt process.

Now, landing a dream job seems it is as simple as a friendly conversation over a cup of tea. One of our success parameters is to shorten the time to offer by 70% in comparison to today’s recruitment cycle.




Why We are the best


Uniquely qualified

Get your job in front of Recruter members who are active on our network, engaged in their careers, and open to new opportunities.

Targeted matches

Our network gives us a deep, up-to-date, and insightful dataset of professionals. We use that data to match your role to the most qualified professionals.

Only pay for results

Pay only when candidates view your job post. Tell us your budget, and we can estimate how many applicants you'll receive.